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The Virtual Cold Chain

SmartCAE provides simulation solutions tailored to the field of Temperature Controlled Logistics. Use our software packages to get quick and accurate answers to pressing questions at low costs.


At SmartCAE we aim to be known for software which is easy to use and incorporates appropriate computational models. We are specialized in thermal engineering.

Most industrial challenges we face are not based on thermal effects alone, but are coupled to other physical phenomena, hence we have acquired a broad range of expertise over the years. Our core capabilities are our comprehensive understanding of physics and mathematics, and the continuous examination of the latest developments in the area of software engineering. This particular set of skills, combined with our natural curiosity, we see as key to meet our own high demands.

In our approach, understanding the overall picture is important. We know that the essence to delivering valuable results is not only to use precise and correct computational models, but also to determine meaningful and quantifiable parameters, identify and omit irrelevant complexity, and avoid operational errors. In close cooperation with our customers – who we rather see as partners – we have successfully finished many projects in various areas, be it industrial furnaces or refrigeration technology.

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