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The Virtual Cold Chain

SmartCAE provides simulation solutions tailored to the field of Temperature Controlled Logistics. Use our software packages to get quick and accurate answers to pressing questions at low costs.


SmartCAE (CAE = Computer Aided Engineering) is a small team of highly qualified, motivated and enthusiastic engineers and physicists.

We provide software solutions for engineering tasks mainly in but not restricted to the area of thermal engineering for more than 15 years and customers in a wide range of branches.

The "Smart" in our company’s name we want to be understood as opposite to "Brute Force": We are convinced that it is not always the most involved mathematical model and the highest computing capacities that lead to the best results. Furthermore we believe that "CAE" should not produce colorful pictures but useful answers. Our focus thus is on software that is easy to use and computation models that are appropriate to the given tasks. Our demand is to always deliver maximal possible benefit for minimal possible expenses.

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