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SmartCAE Solutions for

Thermal Packaging Industry

How does a passive insulated shipper system perform for a given ambient temperature profile? A digital approach answers this question in a very time and cost effective way. Find new and optimize existing passive shipper designs that match your thermal demands.

With our Thermal Packaging software you can design a digital model of any common passive shipper. You can use the model to simulate its thermal performance under any ambient temperature profile. Because simulation is very fast, you can easily perform hundreds of tests on your computer in the time that you would need for a single traditional cold chamber test. You can even include thermal radiation effects, such as solar irradiation or radiation from a hot tarmac surface.

You can use the simulation as guidance to limit the number of cold chamber tests you need to run. By determining the most critical parameters that control a shipper’s thermal behaviour in simulation, you can focus your physical cold chamber tests to the relevant cases. Another major advantage of having a digital version of your product portfolio is that you can provide customized information of your shippers to potential purchasers. For example, you can offer a fast comparison of the performance of your different shippers on highly individualized distribution lanes of your customers.

The digital approach helps you develop an improved understanding of the thermal performance of the shipper, and a deeper knowledge of the complex thermal interplay of shipper components, like:

  • How many cool packs do I need?
  • Do I need ice packs or should I prefer other PCMs?
  • At what temperature should I precondition the cooling elements?
  • Should I use VIP or EPS insulation panels?
…and many more!