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With access to thousands of weather stations worldwide, our software lets you create specific temperature profiles of any global shipping lane.

Our software SmartCAE Temperature Profiles makes it easy to profile temperature conditions on global shipping lanes. Simply specify your lane by entering waypoints, like cities or airports, and associated residence times at these waypoints. The software then connects to weather stations close to your waypoints and returns a lane specific temperature profile.

temperature profiles historical temperature 2017 11

The module Historical Temperatures collects historical temperature data from the weather stations along the lane. Historical temperature data reach back about 10 years for most stations, and are typically sampled in one hour intervals, depending on the station.


temperature profiles historical temperature 2017 11

The module Forecast Temperatures provides a 7-day temperature forecast based on the weather station data along your lane.

To complement the temperature profiling, the module Solar Irradiance gives you information on the solar irradiance along your shipping lane.

With SmartCAE Temperature Profiles you determine the ambient conditions specifically for your shipping lanes. This modern approach of the digital age gives you much more lane-specific insight than any common reference profile could provide. 


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Icon Lane Risk Lane Risk

Will a temperature-sensitive payload stay within its label range during transportation? Our software SmartCAE Lane Risk provides you the answer to this question, for any given shipper system on the market, and any global transportation lane.

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Icon Performance Curve Performance Curve

Determine the characteristic thermal footprint of any insulated shipping system: its thermal “performance curve”.

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Icon Thermal Packaging Thermal Packaging

Design, test, and analyze virtual models of insulated shipping systems used in temperature-controlled logistics.

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