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The software SmartCAE Thermal Packaging is an efficient, user friendly simulation tool to investigate the thermal characteristics of insulated shipping systems.

Our simulation software lets you build a virtual version of any physical insulated shipping system. The software is easy to use – if you have ever tried Minecraft, you are already an expert! Build a virtual prototype of your shipping system, investigate the thermal specifics of each component individually, and the system as a whole. You can expose your prototype to arbitrary ambient temperature profiles, thermal radiation from hot tarmac, and solar irradiance.

The goal of the simulation is not to make conventional climate chamber testing obsolete; it rather reduces the number of required physical tests drastically, ideally to one. Because simulation is so fast, you can test an almost unlimited variety of box designs, enabling you to determine the shipper system best suited for your specific needs. This modern approach accelerates your processes, saves time, and reduces costs.

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Icon Lane Risk Lane Risk

Will a temperature-sensitive payload stay within its label range during transportation? Our software SmartCAE Lane Risk provides you the answer to this question, for any given shipper system on the market, and any global transportation lane.

Lane Risk


Icon Performance Curve Performance Curve

Determine the characteristic thermal footprint of any insulated shipping system: its thermal “performance curve”.

Performance Curve


Icon Temperature Profiles Temperature Profiles

Generate characteristic temperature profiles of any shipping lane worldwide, based on accurate temperature data from thousands of global weather stations.

Temperature Profiles