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Virtual Box Design

By using thermal simulation we support you in building a cost effective insulated packaging that is optimised for your purpose.

This will save time and money (I) in the early stage of the concept phase when designing your box, and (II) when producing the box by optimising its weight and volume and the weight of the required coolants. The virtual approach also enables an explorative out-of-the-box thinking when designing your box by allowing to vary the different box elements, such as size and material of coolants. This brings a higher level of confidence into the design process.

Virtual Box Design
a) Explosion sketch of a shipper, as assembled using Thermal Packaging. Elements from inside to outside: payload at the center, coolants, insulators. Colors represent temperatures of the elements.
Virtual Box Testing Temperature Sensors Ambient Temperature 2016 01
b) Sketch of heat conductivities within a shipper which e.g. helps to identify thermal bridges.