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SmartCAE Solutions for

Perishables Industry

According to UN, an estimated share of up to 13% of the total global food production is wasted along the supply chain. More is lost due to limited shelf life. Find out how our Digital Cold Chain helps to maximize shelf life and reduce these unacceptable loss rates in a fast and cost effective way. 

The temperature range, at which a product is transported best, is highly dependent on the specific product: a strawberry has a different comfort zone than a banana. This makes it challenging to determine the optimum protection when transporting perishable goods.

By establishing digital models of your cold chain process you can analyze the thermal evolution of your products along individual distribution lanes from the origin to the receiving site. You can do this before making any physical shipment. Check how different logistics service levels and packagings influence the product temperature and determine the remaining shelf life. This helps you determine the optimum mode of transportation and packaging to improve the supply chain process and reduce today’s unacceptable loss rates.

Your benefits:

  • Increase shelf life

  • Reduce total cost of ownership

  • Reduce food waste

  • Independent decision tool for optimum transportation

... and more