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SmartCAE Software Module

Thermal Packaging

Design, test, and analyze digital twins of insulated shipping systems used in temperature-controlled logistics.

SmartCAE Thermal Packaging

… let’s you build digital twins of any physical insulated shipping system. Create a digital prototype of your shipping system, investigate the thermal specifics of each component individually, and the system as a whole. You can expose your prototype to any ambient temperature profile and include factors such as thermal radiation from hot tarmac and solar irradiance. Such extensive tests are very time consuming in practice  in simulation, you can vary these factors with just a few clicks in a matter of seconds. Determine the lifetime of your product within the shipping system and optimize the system’s efficiency.


  • Quickly build a digital twin of your shipping system.

  • Rapid prototyping based on computer simulation.

  • Include any cold pack materials: water and any other PCM.

  • Include any insulation material: PU, EPS, VIP, ...

  • Compare packaging solutions of different vendors.

  • Include solar irradiance and thermal radiation.

  • Run thousands of simulations in a few minutes.

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