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SmartCAE Software Module

Temperature Forecast

Forecast the ambient temperature profile of any shipping lane for the upcoming six days. Benefit from weather forecast based on realtime data for your shipments. 

SmartCAE Temperature Forecast

You want to minimize product losses during transport? Do you have single, high value shipments, that demand the lowest possible risk during shipments? 

Ambient temperature profiles are one of the main factors determining, whether your product will reach its destination in a safe state. At the same time, we use weather predictions in our every day lives. So why not combine weather forecasts with your product shipments? 

With SmartCAE Temperature Forecast, you can forecast the ambient temperatures for any shipping lane for up to six days into the future. Be prepared for any upcoming changes in weather conditions. Take data-based actions, in case your shipment will be facing irregularities in the weather conditions. 


  • Access hourly lane-specific forecast temperature data.

  • Typically, forecasts are available six days from today.

  • Retrieve forecast data from global weather station networks.

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