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SmartCAE Software Module

Performance Curve

How long will your packaging last under various constant ambient temperatures? Determine the thermal fingerprint of your shipping systems. Get enabled to quantitatively compare strengths and weaknesses of your packaging options. 

SmartCAE Performance Curve

Some shipping systems have a strong cooling performance in a very narrow temperature range. Others might perform less within this specific temperature range, yet better in others. However, different applications and shipping lanes require different performances of the packaging. Thus, the best choice of packaging solution will depend on its use case and shipping lane. 

The SmartCAE Performance Curve analyzes the lifetime and performance of one or more packaging solutions. It calculates their characteristic "thermal fingerprint": their behavior under different constant ambient temperature conditions. This allows for a quick and quantitative, direct comparison of your packaging options. Check out the sensor temperatures within the box and see, if your product will survive in set ambient temperature range of a shipping lane. 


  • Determine the thermal fingerprint of your shipper systems.

  • Characterize shipper system performance for constant ambient temperatures. 

  • Include the effect of solar irradiation on your shipper system performance.

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The SmartCAE Performance Curve can be used as a standalone or add-on module. If it is used as an add-on, the basic module Thermal Packaging is required. Check it out below:

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