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SmartCAE Software Module

Dry Ice

Create a digital twin of your dry ice shipper. Determine the best position of your payload and dry ice, in order to maximize the lifetime. 

SmartCAE Dry Ice

What is better, having your product sit on dry ice or putting it on the bottom of the shipper, covered with dry ice? What about dry ice pellets vs. bricks? Which one will actually keep your product cold for a longer time period? 

With the SmartCAE Dry Ice module you can create a digital twin of any dry ice shipper and analyze its behavior for any given temperature profile. Gain insights on the lifetime, sublimation rate of the dry ice, inside temperatures, and more. By applying different configurations of dry ice and payload, you can investigate effects, such as lab experiment vs. physical shipment, pod above vs. pod below payload, and more.  


  • Any cold pack materials: water and any other PCM
  • Insulation materials: PU, EPS, VIP, ...
  • Compare packagings of different vendors
  • Run thousands of simulations in a few minutes
  • Include solar irradiance and thermal radiation

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The SmartCAE Dry Ice is one of our basic software modules. In combination with our SmartCAE Data Tools, you can compare your simulations with physical experiments even faster. Check it out below:

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