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SmartCAE Software Module

Lane Risk

Assess the risk of temperature excursions on any shipping lane using any shipper system. Determine the minimum Total Cost of Ownership depending on seasonality, shipper system, and shipping lane.

SmartCAE Lane Risk

You want to send a product down a new shipping lane and don't know, whether your packaging will keep your product safe? What temperatures should you expect on a given shipping lane? And which packaging option will be the safest and cheapest, at the same time? 

SmartCAE Lane Risk digitally sends digital twins of shipping systems down any kind of shipping lane. Ambient temperatures are automatically calculated, based on historical data. With just a click you can send a digital test shipment. Study effects of varying temperatures, due to seasonal, monthly, and diurnal variations. Analyze worst case scenarios, assess temperature excursions, compare different shipping systems, and optimize Total Cost of Ownership. 


  • Quantify the risk of temperature excursion for a specific packaging on a specific lane.

  • Include any packaging solution on the market.

  • Use any transportation lane worldwide.

  • Accelerate qualification: digital lane risk assessments provides results in a matter of hours.

  • Transparent and independent comparison of different packaging options and service levels. 

How it works

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