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SmartCAE Software Module

Risk Preview

Determine risk factors of any shipping lane and compare to others. Be able to quickly determine which lanes are more likely to lead to temperature excursions than others. 

SmartCAE Risk Preview

... enables a quick and quantitative risk analysis of your shipping lanes. It is often a challenge to find out the best lane option. Depending on factors like the number of stop-overs, their locations, time of year, and the like, the risk from start to final destination can be very different.

With SmartCAE Risk Preview, you can compare the conditions on shipping lanes, based on weather station data. As a result, you can compare all your shipping lane options for every month of the year. This gives you a solid base for your decision making.


  • Analyze lane conditions based on weather station data.

  • Compare lanes based on temperature and irradiation. 

  • For this type of risk assessment you do not need any packaging information. 

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SmartCAE Risk Preview is an add-on module. It is an extension to SmartCAE Lane Profiles, which you need to define or import your shipping lanes. Check out our Lane Profiles app here: 

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