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SmartCAE Software Module

Lane Profiles

Define any shipping lane across the globe and generate its ambient temperature profile for any day of the year. Determine worst case profiles of the past, to make sure your packaging is appropriate to keep your product safe in the future. 

SmartCAE Lane Profiles

... helps you to get a realistic understanding of the ambient temperatures along a given shipping lane. These ambient temperatures depend on the location, seasonality, time of day, and more. Will your shipping system face direct sunshine? Will it be put in a warehouse throughout the shipping lane? What ambient temperatures can you expect on your entire shipping lane? 

The SmartCAE Lane Profiles creates ATPs for your entire shipping lane and are based on the different locations, flight times, temperature-controlled spaces, and more. The outside temperatures are provided by recorded data of weather stations from all over the world. Analyze worst case scenarios, effects from seasonality and get a data-based feeling of the real ambient temperature conditions.


  • Download lane specific temperature data from global weather station networks.

  • Access historical and forecast data.

  • Include solar irradiation on any global location.

  • Include logger data or lane information from other platforms.

  • Intuitive interface to configure your lanes, or import your lane information from your favorite lane management tool. 

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