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About SmartCAE

Our Mission

We are a multicultural group of scientists and engineers, ready to change the way of thinking in the field of temperature-controlled logistics. With our background, we know well about the potential of mathematical modelling and we are bringing it to use to make sure that temperature-sensitive goods arrive safely at their destination. 

Together with the pharmaceutical, perishables, logistics, and packaging industry, we want to lower wastage of temperature-sensitive products due to temperature excursions. We strive to save resources by speeding up qualification and design processes, building on digitalization and optimization. We use existing data to assess risks on shipping lanes based on measured data, not artificial temperature profiles. By always being in close contact with our customers, we keep creating and improving our tools to best match your latest needs.

What we stand for

We love being 
Smart, Pragmatic, Data-driven

In order to really know whether a solution is the best —  that is, featuring lowest risk at minimal costs — it needs to be proven by data. Not the Star Trek character. Real data. At SmartCAE, we live a philosophy of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) with a good pinch of pragmatism. We combine material data, logger data, weather data, and simulation data into a precious source of information that serves you as solid foundation for your decision making. 

We are convinced that the best solution is not necessarily the most involved mathematical model, or the flashiest figure. Our focus is on software that is easy to use, reports that are clear to follow, and computation models that are appropriate to the given tasks.

With our simulation tools, we facilitate data-driven decision making. We make valid pragmatic assumptions to accurately reflect reality and provide simulation results within a couple of minutes. This enables our customers to easily integrate our tools in their daily work. With a decade of experience in the industry, we make sure that all simulation tools are tailor-cut to the needs of temperature-controlled logistics.

Our History

Developing the Digital Cold Chain

Founded in 2002 by Stefan Braun, we started out as service providers for all kinds of mathematical modelling. We went from the automotive industry to medical technologies and household applications. Over time, we shifted our focus more and more on the simulation of heat transfer. 

Since 2014, we are developing our own software, the Digital Cold Chain. By bundling our knowledge from the past and present, we created a platform of simulation tools to tackle the various challenges of temperature-controlled logistics. 





Modules Developed



Nominations & Awards

Supply Chain Digitalization & Technology Award 2021

Asia Pacific Bioprocessing Excellence Award 2020

TOP 5 Startup Impacting Logistics & Supply Chain

IQPC Cold Chain Award 2018

IQPC Cold Chain Award 2018

Excellence in Technological Innovation Award 2017

Best Temperature Controlled Logistics Project Award 2017

Most Innovative Cold Chain Technology of the Year 2016