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ISTA 2023 European Packaging Symposium

Our company participated in the ISTA 2023 European Packaging Symposium that took place in Amsterdam, Netherlands. During these two days, SmartCAE presented along with its partners a work titled "Shorten Time-to-Qualification-Approval (TQA) through Thermal Simulation Modelling". In addition, we shared our experiences in two panel discussions related to Thermal Simulation and Risk Assessment. 

Shorten Time-to-Qualification-Approval (TQA) through Thermal Simulation Modelling

Description: In partnership with SmartCAE, CSafe and Sonoco; MSD is developing a process where Thermal  Simulation Modelling in combination with climatic chamber testing can be applied in the design and the qualification space to qualify a Thermal Protective System (TPS).The scope is to a) reduce the number of climatic chamber tests required to qualify a TPS, b) accelerate the timeline to qualifying a TPS, c) challenge complex variables in modelling differentiated to what is challenged in climatic chamber testing and d) regulatory body  endorsement for use of simulation software in combination with climatic chamber as part of the qualification process of a TPS. 


  • Shane J. Cremin (Speaker) - Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD), Associate Director, Engineering
  • Stefan Braun (Speaker) - SmartCAE, Managing Director
  • Morris Roseman (Speaker) - Sonoco ThermoSafe, Materials Engineer
  • Gavin Hill (Speaker) - CSafe, Senior Project Engineer

Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more. 

We look forward to seeing you in the next event.