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SmartCAE Solutions for

Pharmaceutical Industry

What is the best thermal packaging solution and logistics service level to distribute your temperature-sensitive products at minimal risk? Our digital approach answers this question in a very time and cost effective way.

Delivering products at the required temperature is the primary goal of the pharmaceutical cold chain. Billions are spent to ensure product integrity and adhere to an ever growing number of guidelines and regulations concerning temperature controlled transportation. 

In many cases, the distribution of temperature sensitive products is outsourced to logistic service providers or carriers. It is of top priority to establish a high degree of transparency, and confidence, between the cold chain stakeholders. Our Digital Cold Chain software suite is especially designed for this task, assisting you in reducing failure risks by fostering a deeper understanding of the thermal behavior of your product. A digital version of your passive shipper portfolio allows for rigorous assessment of your shippers, leading to a more efficient and resilient cold chain. Identifying and quantifying the risks of extreme temperatures, solar irradiance, seasonality, or time delays are just a few examples from which you can benefit. And because it is digital, you can achieve all of this in a matter of only a few hours. Simulating the entire lane of your temperature sensitive product is a cost efficient way to make your cold chain processes safer and cheaper.

Your benefits:

  • Reduce temperature excursions

  • Quantitative risk analysis of shipping lanes

  • Optimize Total Cost of Ownership

  • Speed up the qualification processes

  • Time and cost savings

…and more