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Adjust Proxy Settings


The SmartCAE software needs access to the internet for the following purposes:
  • Download license files (for single-seat licenses these can alternatively be imported manually)
  • Download geographical and weather data (required for the modules Lane Profiles and Lane Risk)

For this to work, the Wolfram Player needs to be able to access servers controlled by SmartCAE for the licensing and servers controlled by Wolfram Research for the geographical and weather data.

In many larger corporations, internet access from computers within the corporation network is restricted for security reasons. In most cases there is a corporate server through which all access to the internet is directed and which controls what is allowed and what is not allowed. These servers are typically referred to as a “proxy”.

If automatic detection of that proxy does not work, the Wolfram Player needs to be configured to use the correct proxy settings. This document describes how to make that configuration.

Note: the correct values for the proxy settings need to be delivered by the company IT department.


Adjust Proxy Settings

To change the proxy settings, first open the "Preferences" by clicking on the cogwheel icon on the top right:

Select the "Advanced" settings icon:

This launches a new window. Navigate to the "Internet & Mail" tab and select the "Proxy Settings" tab:

In this proxy settings tab you need to adjust the settings as required by your corporate network. You will probably need to communicate with your IT department to get the correct values. It might be helpful if you share with them this dialog window or a simply a screenshot of it.