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Update Software Version

Start Screen

When there is an update in the software, a yellow box appears at the top of the start screen. An example of version 2.0.0 is shown in this article, but the same steps apply to all versions.

Show Changes

Clicking on Show Changes will take you to the SmartCAE related web page. Here you can find a summary of the updates completed for the relevant version.


Clicking Install Now will open a new window. Clicking Install in the new window will initiate the download process.

When the download is complete, the following window will appear. Clicking Quit completes the process.

Check Version

You can check the current version information by clicking the About button at the top right of the start screen.

After an update, it is possible that compute cores are released and need to be re-assigned. Thus, after an update it is recommended to check and manage your compute cores.


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